Owner Support

To supplement an owner’s management team, Demand provides a range of support services for all types of construction projects. Tailored to meet individual owner needs, these services can be implemented during any phase of a project:

  • Development Phase
  • Project scope development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Programmatic budget estimating
  • Design professional team selection and development
Design Phase

Design plan reviews for scope clarification, constructability, and coordination

  • Specification review
  • Detailed cost estimating
  • Value engineering and alternative evaluation
  • Project delivery system evaluation and consultation
  • Pre-qualified contractor evaluation
  • Bid package evaluation and recommendation
  • Preliminary schedule development or review
  • Define, compile, and maintain records necessary to qualify and apply for Leadership in Energy and Environmental
  • Design (LEED) certification
Construction Phase
  • Review and comment on contractor’s proposed construction schedule
  • Review and approval of contractor’s Schedule of Values
  • Assist in processing periodic payment applications certified by the architect
  • Oversee project file management and administration
  • Construction site observation and progress monitoring
  • Review and comment on contractor’s periodic schedule updates
  • Conflict resolution
  • Change order administration and negotiation
  • Verify contractor’s pay request applications and payments to subcontractors and suppliers
  • Contract closeout including financial claims management