Claims & Disputes

Demand assists clients and attorneys in quickly and effectively resolving disputes, Demand draws on extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in dealing with complex construction problems, disputes, and defective construction issues. Key elements and benefits of our services.

  • Employment of proven methodologies and techniques to analyze, develop, present, defend and settle all types of claims
  • In-depth understanding of the nuances of construction contracts and legal principles
  • Claims expertise applied to: differing site conditions, changes, suspension of work, impact delay and disruption, damages, acceleration, defective documents, and contract terminations
  • Structured methodology that produces quality results within a projects time constraints
  • Knowledgeable staff of construction experts averaging approximately three decades of claims experience
  • Extensive national courtroom experience involving a wide range of claim and project types
Comprehensive approach can involve:

– Initial client interview
– Review contract documents and files
– Determine basis of entitlement
– Provide discovery assistance
– Establish justified areas of compensation
– Schedule/delay analysis
– Define cause and effect relationships
– Calculate damages
– Prepare claim documents or rebuttals
– Prepare exhibits
– Present opinions and conclusions
– Provide expert testimony