Most contractors and owners want to avoid litigation when a dispute arises on a construction project. Quality preparation and planning, prior to the negotiation phase of any dispute, will pay greater dividends than at any other time in the entire process.

Demand understands the contracting business and the dispute dilemma. We can serve as an early sounding board for resolution of your dispute. By combining your project knowledge with our expertise, we can create a persuasive, effective strategy to empower your negotiating efforts and maximize the outcome of any pre-court negotiating or mediation session. The benefit is a satisfactory resolution for both parties—saving time, money and relationships.

Empowered Negotiating™ techniques and services:

  • Evaluate the contract to see if all entitlement options have been identified
  • Review project documentation for elements such as timely notice
  • Check the baseline schedule for good logic and planned durations
  • Evaluate the claim to see if acceptable schedule analysis methodology has been utilized
  • Evaluate the claim to see if “cause and effect” has been established
  • Examine claimed impacts and damages to see if they have been properly computed
  • Develop presentation materials to persuasively present your story and position
  • Assist in refining negotiating strategies
  • Empowered Negotiating™ techniques lead to faster, more cost-effective, acceptable resolution of your project dispute