Mediation & Arbitration

The objective of Demand’s effort in this area is to resolve client disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Drawing on extensive claims experience as well as in-depth knowledge of construction contracts, field practices, technical issues, and associated legal principals, Demand personnel serve as neutral mediators and arbitrators when disputes arise between owners, contractors, subcontractors, or other parties.
Demand facilitates creative, amicable resolutions to disputes while helping clients on both sides avoid costly, adversarial, contentious, often belligerent lawsuits and court proceedings.

Demand’s role is to provide a basis and a forum for the parties to reach agreement. The process includes:

  • Establish parameters of the dispute
  • Set ground rules for resolution
  • Schedule hearings and meetings
  • Provide guidance for negotiations and discussions
  • Clarify technical and legal issues
  • Moderate proceedings

Demand’s mediation and arbitration experts are available for appointment to Dispute Resolution Boards.